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The JJJ. Right next to the KKK in the alphabet.


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Funny Sutff

These First 3 storys are by Justin himself!

Ok well it was me (Justin), Jeremy, and Jake. And we were walking down the street going to the skate park. Well Jeremy decided he wasn't going to wake for the cars to pass and just ran right out in front of traffic! And we were like JEREMY WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING and of course went running after him. Well I wasn't paying attention and almost ran RIGTH into the side of a blue care going pretty fast. Well I finely get across safely and JAKE IS RIGHT BETWEEN 2 CARS and ill I hear people saying are YOU FUCKIGN DUMBASSES! So Jake finely got across and we all went to the skate park laughing out Asses off!

Ok well this time it was I once again Justin, Jeremy, Jake, Nick, and Steven. And once again we were walking to the skate park only from the school so it was a pretty far walk. And we get to this corner and a car full of like 19-year-old guys calls us all fagots. So of course we flick them all off. And one of the guys (wearing a hat) stuck his head out the car window and started talking some shit. Then all of a sudden his hat just goes flying out the window! So we all start laughing our Asses of at these stupid ass guys. So they fly around pick up the hat and drive towards us. They start talking shit out the window again and they were all like SO YOU LIKE TO FLICK PEOPLE OFF? Of course we were like HELL YEA and they got pissed and drove off again. And I ment to yell GO FIND YOU HAT AGAIN FAGET! But instead I said," Got find your fat again!" and we all went to the skate park laughing again.

HAHA ok this time it was Jeremy, Nick, Steven, Jake, and I again. AND ONCE AGAIN WE WERE WALKING TO THE SKATE PARK FROM SCHOOL…we go there a lot…So anyway before we got ready to go we went to the Minooka Ice Cream place and we bought 30LBS OF ICE…a hot day it was…so we were walking and I dropped my bag. So no one would notice I sat on the ice on the ground to cover it up. But my wet ass and a half bag of ice kind of gave it away anyway. So we were walking and we go to this like 5ft fence and I'm like DUDE I AM GOING TO PUT THIS BAG OF ICE OVER MY HEAD AND JUMP OVER THE FENCE! And every one was like well go for it then! So I put the bag over my head and start charging for this fence. Right when I get half way over my left foot dragged back and caught on the fence and I did a face plant right on the ground! It was so funny! All the ice broke over my head and all I really had left was a bag of water!


Skate or Die.