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The JJJ. Right next to the KKK in the alphabet.

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Ya I'm kool-jake ziech



well... this could be a long story or a short one. we will see how it turns out i guess. well then i started skating when i was like um 9 i think. im 14 and have been skating for 6 years. well a few of those years were just riding down the hill on my butt. my nabors used to skate and i just loved how they would jump over all this stuff. it was great thats when i really decided to take it seriusly.

well i grew up mostly in channahon thats where i currently live.

any how... probly a big thing that made and helped me skate was skate video's. my favorite skater is probly Colt Cannon. he is street and really good. hes like my idol! any how im look'n 4 a sponser. jeremy and justin are great people to skate with, althou we get pretty stupid when were together. anyone can tell you that. like just the othere day we got kicked out of four places.
1. bowling place
2.bowling parking lot
3. bowling parking lot again
4. skate land- get this, they kicked us out of skate land for skating. whats wrong with that picture.
its all a long story but ill tell you any way. well we were playing... well first of all it was me, jeremy, justin, craig, and scott... anywho, wwe were playing pool in a bar at the bowling place. we ordered pizza- took an hour... i m to lazzy. we got kicked out of the parking lot for skating. jeremys bored got ran over lol. got kicked out went inside at pizza got kicked out
went back out and started to trash my mini bike- im meen a bike. justin threw it into a poll and the front wheel came off. it rolled down the street sparking. jeremy and justin where riding the bike into this bush_look'n_tree_thing.... got kick out
went to skate land skated w/h blades - most fun that we had in a long time. but then we got kicked out of the parking lot while skateing. they said we couldn't skate there. thats lame.

come to think of it we been kicked out of alot-like caseys pizza

anyhow my point is SKATE FOR LIFE


if theres a spot skate it. who cares what secrurity says!

um check out my bands web page "wi-40"

email me at-

try my band web page

Skate or Die.