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The JJJ. Right next to the KKK in the alphabet.

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Jeremy's Bio.
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How It All Started
Well, my skating career started off in a little town called Stickney. I grew up to be a nice, normal, everyday child until I hit around the age of 8; that's when I started all this. When I hit the age of 8, my first present was a crappy, Blue Rush skateboard from Wal-mart with plastic trucks.
By the age of 9, I was quite lucky to be able to ollie in the grass, let alone do anything spectacular. I just really wasn't into skating and all that it had to offer, but that all changed when I turned 10.
On my 10th birthday, I got Tony Hawk Trick Tips #1 and THPS 1, and that is what honestly hooked me into all this skating goodness. After I played them, I had a huge urge to skate, so I did. In a matter of weeks, I could do ollies no problem, and I started working on my manuals and crap. Once I hit 11, I could ollie down 2-steps and 180 and all those easy tricks, yet I could not really hit pop shove-its or kickflips at all.
Again, that all changed when I moved. At the age of 13, I had a Flip deck ... my first real professional deck. I was downstairs in the basement, and I had some "feeling" that I knew how to do a kickflip, so I tried it. It so happens, after the 3rd time I tried it, I landed it. Boy, did that excite me. I kept doing it until I could barely stand because I was afraid I would forget how to do it.
It all went uphill from there. I started building my boxes and rails and ramps, and I got the kickflip and the pop shove-it down that I wanted. Finally, Channahon got a skatepark, and, at first, I could do absolutely nothing. I mean, I could drop in and all that, but I could barely even do a rock n' roll, but at that time, I just didn't care, until I met Justin, Steven and Jake.
Those two seemed to make me better, and I never knew why. Skating with them pretty much taught me all of my vert tricks and half of my flatland tricks. It was quite great.
Now, I say I am about average skating for me age. Nollie shove-its, double kickflips, disasters and noseslides seem to be my signature moves, because I rely on them to get me through a game of S-K-A-T-E. I am getting better as days past, even though I haven't been trying many things new yet. I am just trying to extend my stair-jump capacity and my ollie height, which has reached 2 feet.
Thats it for my bio. Tchao, everyone.

Currently Skating.
Deck- Mini-logo
Trucks- Venture
Shoes- DC
Wheels- Unknown
Bearrings- Reds


Contact me.
Cell- 815-546-3908

Skate or Die.