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My Kick@$$ friends

My Kick@$$ friends
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My friends

My (kickass) Best Friends!

Jeremy= My best friend. I meet him 2 years ago. We were simi friends and then freshmen year we became close friends. All we did in the summer was do stuff. Walk around town hang at his house or skate at the skatepark. We went to the mall every once and a while.

Kendall= Shes an awsome girl. I like to talk to her about stuff and it makes me happy that I can trust her. I meet her last year from Justin.

Anna= A nice girl who I knew from a long time now. Dont even know when we actualy meet. Been friends for a long time.

Justin= First time I meet justin I though he was weird. Then I got to know him a lot and he was awsome. Freshmen year was so funny in tech class. Even thow we hatted our teachor. It was fun times.

Steven= He great kid. I meet him when I meet Jeremy. I knew I was gonna be good friends with him. Hes relly funny and I like to fight around with him. I usualy do It when I have anger.

My other awsome friends

Jake= Awsome skate. Awsome friend.

Kill ka= Hes a cool kid to hang around. But I never see him/talk to him much.

Rickz= Funny..Not calm at all!!

Vince= Funniest kid I ever meet. Then he can be like relly mature at the right times...

Johnny= FOMG LMAO! Hes funny as hell hes an awsome friend.

Ashley= Shes a cool girl. I meet her last year from Drew. Shes my english Buddy

Nick= Cool kid. Acts weird sometimes. But funny weird.

Chobar= Ahhahhahahah Umm Ya hes my friend and hes kinda stupid but hes funny because you can trick him.

Izzy, Travis, Brandon, Steven, Pat= Great people...They all are kick ass.

Amber= I knew her kinda because of jeremy then I relly started to know her over the past couple days. Shes cool :-P