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The JJJ. Right next to the KKK in the alphabet.

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SHUT UP and skate!

Hey everyone. Well, me, Justin and Jake talked it over and we decided to have a site about us skating. So, here it is. Enjoi.

Whats up everyone? Iv been workings on the site and trying to get the buttons to work well...And Im going to make a new picture. So ya. It will have my designs on stuff shortly...And some pictures if my camera will coroperate.

Hey everyone its Craig.. Im learing how to do HTML in school and Im bring it all here. Things bellow will be new

  • Tables
  • New button links on the sides.
  • New background If I learn how to make one
  • Craigory

    Here is a place where me, Justin or Jake will post where we might be skating in the near future, and information about it. Hell, if you gave one of us a call, we wouldn't mind if you went along ... as long as you know what you are doing.
    Alright, everyone. I need to give a shoutout to our favorite camera man and filmer: Craig. Great kid, thats for sure. And he's single, so some hot chicks better start going for him. ;-). Me and Justin basically owe Craig alot, since he is the one who has taken pictures of us, and pretty much gives us the basis for our site. Thanks, Man. Greatest camera man I've ever seen. =D

    Hello Craig here! I will be adding pictures to this website! Jeremy got to lazy and i got to bord so ill be doing it now i guess.
    Craig AKA Monkey AKA Midget


    try this web site out

    The JJJ. A group of kids where we don't care what we f@#$ up or who we F@#$ up; if its good, we are gonna skate it.

    And the kid who takes the pictures!!!
    Craig AKA Monkey AKA Midget



    Contact us.

    Skate or Die.